Bungee Bitch Straps are available in a variety of patterns and sizes tailored to suit individual need and taste.

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Bungee Bitch Strap Materials:

All Bungee Bitch Straps are constructed of Industrial Strength Fiber Webbing and Industrial Grip Velcro.  Bungee Bitch Straps are proudly made in the United States of America, and constructed of high quality, American Made materials.

Bungee Bitch Strap Sizes:

Bungee Bitch Straps come in a variety of lengths.  All straps are two inches wide.  See the chart below to find the strap or straps that fit your needs.   Can't find what you need?  Special orders are available by request.

  • Small - 33 inches long  (1 per pack)
  • Medium - 38 inches long  (1 per pack)
  • Large - 42 inches long  (1 per pack)

Bungee Bitch Straps are also available in pairs in the following lengths:

  • 13 inches long  (2 per pack)
  • 16 inches long  (2 per pack)
  • 18 inches long  (2 per pack)
  • 21 inches long  (2 per pack)

Bungee Bitch Strap Styles:

From mild to wild, Bungee bitch Strap has the style to fit any personality.


  • Bullets
  • Chain Link
  • Red Smoke
  • Blue Smoke
  • Green Smoke
  • Diamond Plate
  • Flames
  • Black
  • Paws
  • Pink Camo
  • Regular Camo
  • Skulls
  • Barb Wire
Bungee Bitch Strap Styles

Custom Bungee Bitch Straps:

Customize your Bungee Bitch Strap with your Name, Club, or Shop Logo.  Our only limitation is your imagination!
Custom Imprinted bungee Bitch Strap

Custom Imprinted Bungee Bitch Strap

Custom Imprinted Bungee Bitch Straps




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Bungee Bitch Strap

Rain or Snow They Don't Let Go!.

Bungee Bitch Straps are HOT!

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A Variety of Uses

Bungee Bitch Straps can be used for securing your precious cargo along with many other uses without damage!

Easy To Use

Bungee Bitch Straps are easy on, easy off, and easy to store.

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Strap One On!
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