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Bungee Bitch Strap is committed to providing our customers quality, American made products, service, and value. learn more about our company below.

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About Us

Our Company:

Since 2006, Bungee Bitch Strap has manufactured the highest quality motorcycle products on the market, at a competitive price.  We are highly committed to deliver high-end quality craftsmanship and unique products engineered specifically recreational sport vehicles and their users.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality  products,  unparalleled customer service. and outstanding value.   Bungee Bitch Strap is committed to providing our customers with a hassle free shopping experience and guaranteeing our products meet or exceed their expectations.

The Company Name:

Duane Kendrick, President and inventor of the Bungee Bitch Strap is an Old School Biker who has ridden motorcycles for more years than he cares to admit.  As per the lifestyle, he and a few of his buddies were sitting around the local watering hole when the subject of "How to make sure your Old Lady (Bitch in Biker terms), doesn't fall of the back of your bike".   There are two good reasons this is important:.  First, if you don’t notice until you get home, you have to turn around and try and find her.  Second, once you find her she may not be as happy to see you as you are to see her.

After joking about the Bitch falling off and way's of keeping her secure.  Of course one of Duane's first ideas was to use a bungee cord.  There was even a suggestion of including an "ejector" option (still in the engineering stages).

For some reason, the idea of using a bungee cord to secure his Old lady stuck in his head.  One of the first things he thought about when using a bungee cord was the damage they can do to a bike or just about anything if one slips off, as they often do.

That's when Duane came up with an idea for a strap you could use to secure items on your bike, or anything else, without the fear of damage.  The result was the Bungee Bitch Strap, hense the name of the product and company.

Note:  The name Bungee Bitch Strap was derived from an inside joke.  Bungee Bitch Straps are not intended for use as a safety device for humans or pets. 



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Bungee Bitch Strap

Rain or Snow They Don't Let Go!.

Bungee Bitch Straps are HOT!

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A Variety of Uses

Bungee Bitch Straps can be used for securing your precious cargo along with many other uses without damage!

Easy To Use

Bungee Bitch Straps are easy on, easy off, and easy to store.

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